Monday, October 1, 2012

Plugin BackupBuddy Coupon: BackupBuddy 3.1

BackupBuddy 3.1 is on the way and we wanted to highlight a few features coming to users in this version update. In addition to BackupBuddy Stash, our very own online backup storage place, BackupBuddy 3.1 will also include numerous features and enhancements to backup destinations, server information and settings.

Backup Destinations

New remote destinations interface & design

BackupBuddy’s interface for managing remote destinations for backups is about to get better with a nice, new look and more intuitive usability. Look for more features to existing destinations plus an untold amount of behind-the-scenes changes that improve user experience and open the door for cool future features.

Server Information

New database check and repair features to Server Info page

Sometimes things go wrong and your database gets corrupted. This often means having to use a web hosting tool or something like phpMyAdmin to attempt to repair it. BackupBuddy 3.1 will feature the option to test and run the MySQL command to perform a basic repair on database tables. This new feature will be available on the BackupBuddy Server Information page by hovering over a database table name in the list.

PHP Max Execution time tester  (beta)

The new PHP Max Execution Time tester (beta) determines your ACTUAL maximum execution time limit of your server (usually shorter than what the server reports!) by running a script to keep track of the elapsed time. BackupBuddy attempts to override the execution time allowed to a very high number, but almost all hosts cap the number much lower — so the reported number can be far too high.

From the BackupBuddy’s Server Information page, Click “Begin Test” to initiate. When your browser stops loading this page, the script has most likely timed out at your actual PHP limit.


Exclude individual files (not just directories) from backups

A few giant files clogging up your backups? BackupBuddy 3.1 will include a new option to exclude individual files (not just directories) from backups. Now listing files in exclusions navigator will be easier to exclude individual files.

Display the time in backup filenames in addition to the default date

Perform multiple backups per day? You’ll be able to include the time in the filename to more easily identify backups by time in addition to date. This works great combined with the Note feature.


Error messages now highlighted in backup status for easier visibility

Easily see if anything may have gone wrong with error codes that link directly to their BackupBuddy Error Codes page for details.

Backup download URL now included in scheduled backup success notifications

In BackupBuddy 3.1, you’ll be able to easily download completed scheduled backups from the notification email directly from the backup URL (if this feature is enabled in settings).

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